How to Find Traffic Accidents Near Me

Driving through the busy traffic is a hassle in itself, we are all mostly in a race against time yet finding a traffic accident only worsens the dilemma. Some folk like to help others and would like to be aware of an accident in their area; they believe that life is precious and strive to save every single life. Yet, for internet video uploading enthusiast these accidents are an opportunity and some even make a living off it. Sometimes the cruelty of life places an important person - for us or generally important - in an accident near us and we can only wish if we should have, would have, could have dashed to the incident spot in time. If you are any of the above then, how to find traffic accidents near me? is certainly the question you are already asking yourself.

In this age and time of mass media and communication, technology has improved to great lengths to help us improve our standard of living and shape better societies. Whether you are an android user or and Ifamily enthusiast apps have been developed to help you stay aware of almost everything that is happening around you. Google maps also provide a real time traffic accidents report but the process is a little slow since you have to search for accidents using the app and that could be very risky while driving. There are other websites such and dedicated to offer real time traffic reports.

Auto Accident app available on the Google Play store is one of the two very well developed ones. It does not only provide you with free instant on-the-scene assistance. It also provides you a one-touch list of emergency number for ease of access and to help accident victims. Step by step guidance to gather information is another interesting feature. This app has been designed to cover all aspects hence the comprehensive accident reports with photos, audio recording and videos. If you are only interested in finding a lightweight app to get the basic information about traffic and accidents while on the go you can use Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic app, it offers access to a free social network of drivers who share information in real time to help others and keep the karma in their favor.

Beat the traffic and INRIX Traffic Maps & Alerts are two state of the art apps for android user available via Google Play Store. Inrix claims to receive data from over a million trucks, cameras, road sensors and in-car navigation systems. The app offers detailed traffic conditions of up to 800 feet and live traffic news including incidents and accidents. How to find traffic accidents near me? is not really a problem when you have such great options at your disposal. Beat the traffic also offers traffic flow and incidents in real time. Although the app does not claim to have extensive insights it has a shake to incident option to stay on traffic accident alert at all times.